Sample Account Rule Types in SAP

How to create Sample Account Rule Types in SAP

Sample Account Rule Types:-

The following tutorial will guide you how to define Sample accounts rule types in SAP. With the help of Sample Account you can create similar accounts with central control procedures and values copied to Company Code.

Two steps should be layout before using of Sample accounts.

  1. Sample Account Rule Type
  2. Define Transfer Rules


So now let check how to set up Sample Accounts Rule types in SAP

You can configure account rule type by using one of the following navigation method.

SAP Path: – SPRO – > IMG – > Financial Accounting – > General Ledger Accounting – > G/L Accounts – > Master Data – > Preparations – > Additional Activities – > Sample Accounts – > Maintain Sample accounts rule types

Transaction Code: – OB15

Step 1: – Enter Transaction Code “OB15” in the SAP Command field and press enter.

Sample Account

Step 2: – In Sample account rules variant screen, click on new entries to maintain new entries as per your organization requirements.

Sample Account

Step 3: – In new entries screen, update the following fields.

Variant: – Enter the four digits alphanumeric key that identifies the sample account rule variant in SAP

Long Text: – update the descriptive text of the variant.

Sample Account

After maintain the variants, click on save button and save the configured data.

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