How to build company code in SAP to Generate company code in FICO

How to build Company code in SAP / Generate company code in FICO

So here is this following steps to build company code in SAP FI with screen shots. So after configuring the company then the next step to make company code.

Define company code

Company code in SAP is the smallest part of company for financial accounting in which financial statements are draw like Balance sheet and Profit & Loss Account for purpose of external reporting. It’s mandatory to create a company code in sap.

Path: – IMG Reference -> Enterprise structure -> Definition -> Financial Accounting – > Edit, Copy, Delete Company Code

Transaction Code to Define Company Code: – OX02

Now steps to create company code: –

Step 1: – Enter transaction code SPRO in the command field and press enter

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Step 2: – In customizing execute project screen select SAP Reference IMG


Step 3: – In next screen select Edit, Copy, Delete check company code

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Step 4: – After selecting Edit, Copy, Delete company code, the below screen will displays

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When we create company code by selecting above two options like first option Copy, Delete, Company code, all the configuration and tables get copied automatically along with assignments.

Now here we are creating company code manually configure all the assignment by selecting second option Edit Company Code Data. Double click on Edit Company Code Data.

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Step 5: – click on New Entries

And update the following details

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  1. Update new Company Code in SAP Key AD06
  2. Give the company name Adarsh Technologies for identifying the company code key
  3. In Additional data update the details of City, Country, Local Currency of company, Language.

Click on Address and update the following fields.

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After updating Address click on save icon.

Now the Company Code AD06 is created in SAP.

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