How to Generate Posting Period Variants /SAP PPV

These steps will guide you how to Generate Posting Period Variants in SAP FICO

The opening and closing of period in a fiscal year for posting is known as Posting Period Variants. In SAP it’s used to control the accounting period of opening for posting and ensure that closing period remain balanced and reconciled. And we allot posting period variants to one or more company codes.

Posting periods are opened and closed for all company codes in SAP by the PPV.

Steps to create Posting period Variants in SAP: –

Step 1: – Type SPRO in the commend field of the SAP Easy Access Menu Screen and press enter on the keyboard.

sap 2.3.1


Step 2: – Click SAP Reference IMG icon

sap 2.3.2


Step 3: – In the next screen follow the menu path to create posting period variant

IMG Menu Path: – SPRO – > Implementation Guide for R/3 Customizing (IMG) – > Financial Accounting – > Financial Accounting Global Settings – > Documents – > Posting Periods – > Define variants for open posting periods

sap 2.3.3


Step 4: – The generate posting period variants screen is displayed, Click on new entries to create SAP PPV

sap 2.3.4


Step 5: – Enter four digits code in the Variant field, update variant name in the name field. Here we created posting period Variant AD06

sap 2.3.5


Step 6: – After updating posting period variant and name filed click on save icon to save the data.

Thus the posting period variant AD06 is created.

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