How to create Document Types in SAP FICO

How to create Document Types in SAP FICO.

The following steps will guide you about Document Types and how to define Document Types in SAP FICO.

Document Types: – it’s defined at the client level to apply Document types for all company codes. Document type key is used to classify accounting documents and distinguish between business transactions to be posted.

Document Types Determine: –

  • Define Number ranges for documents
  • It controls Account types allowed for postings e.g. Assets, Vendors, Customer, Normal GI Account
  • Document types that to be used for reversal postings.


Document Types Description: –

Document Type  Document Type Description
AA Asset Posting
AB Account Document
AF Dep. Posting
AN Net Asset Posting
DG Customer Credit Memo
DR Customer Invoice
DA Customer Document
DZ Customer Payment
EU Euro Rounding Diff.
EX External numbers
KA Vendor documents
KG Vendor credit memo
KN Net vendor
KP Account maintenance
KQ Transporter Invoice
KR Vendor Invoice
KZ Vendor payment
KS Contract invoice
KV Raw material payment
KW Contractor payment
KX Transporter payment
KY Store payment
ML ML settlement
PR Price change
RA Sub. Cred. Memo Stlmt
RE Invoice gross
RN Invoice net
RV Billing doc. Transfer
SA G/L Account document
SB G/L account posting
SK Cash document
SU Adjustment account
UE Data transfer
WA Goods issue
WE Goods receipt
WI Inventory document
WL Goods issue/delivery
WN Net goods receipt
ZP Payment posting
ZR Bank reconciliation
ZS Payment by check
ZV Payment clearing


Steps for Document type configuration:-

Step 1: – Enter T – Code SPRO in the command field of the SAP Easy Access Menu Screen and press enter on the keyboard.


Step 2: – In the next screen click on SAP Reference IMG Icon.



Step 3: – In the next screen follow the IMG menu path for defining document types

IMG Menu Path: – SAP Customizing Implementation Guide – > Financial Accounting – > Global Settings – > Documents – > Documents header – > Define Document Types

Document types in SAP FICO


Step 4: – In the next screen click on new entries to create new document key



Step 5: – update the required data

  • Document Type: – Enter unique two digit code
  • Number Range: – Enter Number range Code
  • Reverse Document Type: – Enter Reverse document type key code
  • Number Range Information: – Number ranges are maintained for the document types
  • Accounts Types Allowed: – Select account type for the document type i.e. Assets, Vendors, Customer, Material, G/L account
  • Control Data: – Select control data for document type


Step 6: – After maintaining the required data click on save



Step 7: – After saving document type key, update the description of the document key and click on save icon.



So, finally the Document Type is successfully configured.

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