Definition of fiscal year variant


Fiscal year in SAP can be defined as an Independent year (same number and dates for the periods every years) or year Dependent (Periods can be different from year to year).
A Fiscal year is divided into posting periods number and each posting period in accounting period can be refered by a start date and end date.

Defination of Fiscal year variant, it is used to define the fiscal year.
It defines maximum of 16 posting periods for each year, out of which 12 are normal posting periods where as 4 are special posting periods.

Steps to compose the Fiscal Year Variant:

Lets begin

Enter SPRO code in the sap hail field and then presss enter.


in the next interface select SAP Reference IMG


In the next interface Display image, Then follow the menu direction

SAP REFERENCE IMG ->Financial Accounting->Financial Accounting Global Settings->Fiscal Year->Maintain Fiscal year variant.


In the next interface select New Entries to create Fiscal year.


To create Fiscal year variant update the following information.
1. In the fiscal year variant field (FV) enter two digits unique codes.
2. In description field update the name of fiscal year Variant.
3. Select the year-Dependent option if the periods are different fron year to year.
4. Select calender year option if same number and dates for the periods of every year.
5. Update 2 in the number of posting periods field.
6. udate 4 in the number of special periods field.

After updating the above required details click on save icon.


Next Block Fiscal Year Variant AD and double click on periods folder


Select New Entries Button

STEP 8 : Maintain the periods for the fiscal year

First Column – Month
Second Column – Day
Third Column – period
Fourth Column – Year shift

After maintain fiscal yearvariant periods, Click save icon.

Hence the Fiscal Year Variant Ad is created successfully.

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