How to create Field Status Variant in SAP / Field status Group

The following steps will guide you how to create Field Status Variant in SAP

The Field status group will list out which field is ready for input, which are required entry field and which are hidden when entering the documents.

Description and configuration values of Field Status Group.

FST Group      Text
G001 General (with text and assignment)
G003 Material Consumption Accounts
G004 Cost account
G005 Bank Accounts (obligatory value dates)


Material accounts
G007 Asset account (who accumulated depreciation)
G008 Asset area clearing accounts
G009 Bank accounts (obligatory due dates)
G011 Clearing accounts (with settlement per)
G012 Receivables/Payables clearing
G013 General (obligatory text)
G014 MM adjustments account
G017 Freight/customs provisions/clearing (MM)
G018 Scrapping (MM)
G019 Accounts Receivables/Payables
G023 Plant Maintenance accounts
G025 Inventory adjustments accounts
G026 Accounts for down payments made
G029 Revenue accounts
G030 Change in stock accounts
G031 Accounts for down payments received
G032 Bank accounts (obligate value/due date)
G033 Cost accounts for external services
G036 Revenue acts (with cost center, PA)
G039 Accts for pmnts on accts made for assets
G040 Personnel clearing accounts
G041 Tax office clearing accounts
G045 Goods/invoice received clearing accounts
G049 Manufacturing  costs accounts
G050 Central control clearing accounts
G052 Accounts for fixed assets retirement
G056 Amortization accounts
G059 Inventory accounting material stock acct
G062 Investment support account
G064 Other cost accounts (obligatory text)
G067 Reconciliation accounts
G068 Reconciliation accts (payable – Austria)
G069 Cost accounts  (travel expenses)
G070 Clearing accounts (travel expenses)
G071 Reconciliation accts (KIDNO /Foreign Payment)

Steps to define Field status variant

Step 1: – Enter T –Code SPRO in the commend field of the SAP Easy Access Menu Screen and press enter on the keyboard

sap 2.6.1

Step 2: – In the next screen click on Click SAP Reference IMG icon

sap 2.6.2

Step 3: – Implementation Guide R/3 Customizing -> Finance Accounting -> Finance Accounting Global Settings -> Documents -> Line Item -> Controls -> Define Field Status Variants

sap 2.6.3

Step 4: – In the next screen block 001 Field Status Variant

sap 2.6.4

Step 5: – select 0001 field status variant click on copy as icon (short cut key F6). In the next screen update required new Field Status Variant Code and update Field status variant name.

sap 2.6.5

Step 6: –  So, updating Field Status variant and Field status Name, press enter on keyboard. Select copy all button.

sap 2.6.6

Step 7: – Then we get a message number of dependent entries copied as 41

sap 2.6.7

Step 8: – Enter the select save button or CNTRL + S

sap 2.6.8

We successfully configured Field Status Variant.

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